Platinum Peptide Firming Mask


Made out of medical-grade nanofiber. This bio-fiber mask is preservative free and gentile on the skin. It gently hydrates your skin with added DNA-K to improves skin redness and blemishes, effectively improves skin brightness and reduces wrinkles.


Mask Material:

Highly breathable, soft, and hypoallergenic medical grade biofiber for vascular and skin repair. To further ensure the safety of the mask, we’ve tested to biofiber member in a single-cell fermentation for 28 days.



  • Platinum: free radicals on your skin is known to cause aging on your skin, by using nano-plated platinum which also have a free single electron, it can quickly grab onto free radicals, and neutralizes it.
  • Placental protein: maintains moisture in your skin, accelerates the removal of old skin cells, and prevents skin aging.
  • Squid extract: has a very unique property to form membranes on your skin which promotes skin repair and healing.
  • Blue Copper Peptide: stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin on your skin. Giving you a tighter skin while reducing fine lines.
  • Eight peptides: lowers your face muscle contractions to effective prevent the formation of lines and wrinkle formation.
  • Loureir: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient with a capacity that is 50 times that of vitamin E and 20 times higher than vitamin C.
  • Ginseng root extract: anti-aging property of ginseng can help prevent oxidation of your skin.


Packaging Content:

  • 28 ml x 3 Piece
Additional Information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 15 cm